Dr. Evelyne awado

"My real name that is not the point. The name I chose is the Doctor, thus why I am now working as a flying Doctor. I knew, I would become a Doctor since I was in form one."

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Donations to Academic Book can be made online securely on this site - anything small or large is most welcome and you can rest assured your money will go to a good cause and will be used to directly:

1. Help adding more e-studying materials to the Academic Book, as these e-studying materials are prepared by qualified and experienced science teachers from the United Republic of Tanzania.

2. Help community secondary schools in the United Republic of Tanzania to have computers and Mobile broadband modem for internet connection, in order for them to access the Academic Book from their school libraries.

If you would prefer to donate by cheque or cash, please contact us through the address below:

Kilimanjaro Educational Support Services (KESS)
P.O.BOX 104412,
Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.
Tel. +255 719 360559 / +255 759 687589 / +255 784 866871
E-mail: pmandago@kess.co.tz

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Eng. Patrick Obina

"Art without engineering is dreaming. Engineering without art is calculating, I am now real enjoying my career as an aircraft Engineer. I encourage young students to pursue this field."

Mr. Nikson Mayunga

"I am now happy working as a biology and Geography teacher. My passion was to become a teacher because teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions."